Volunteer Spotlight: Kelly Luck


Kelly Luck has been volunteering with KLT for 13 years! She comes to our office every week to assist with accounting and bookkeeping. Throughout her time in the Keweenaw, Kelly has been a prolific volunteer for area non-profits. When she and her family moved to Hancock in 1997, her son was a member of the Copper Country Suzuki Association. She began volunteering for the Suzuki Association as the treasurer. It was through this volunteer position that she met long-time KLT Executive Director, Evan McDonald. 

Even though Kelly’s son was no longer involved with the Suzuki Association, she “stayed [volunteering] and finally some person said ‘you know, you don’t need to keep doing this’”. Shortly thereafter, Evan asked if Kelly may be interested in filling an open accounting volunteer role at KLT. As Kelly says, “I came in and checked it out and then I just kept doing it!” “I am a numbers person”, says Kelly. This is not only reflected in the meticulous accounting work she does for KLT, but also in the Master’s in inorganic chemistry she holds and in her day job doing environmental data review. As someone who works from home and “gets stir crazy very easily”, part of why Kelly enjoys volunteering with KLT is to get out of the house and be in community with KLT staff in the office.  

Kelly says that when she travels, she is made especially aware of how much she appreciates the quiet solitude that the Keweenaw offers. At the same time, she enjoys the sense of community in the area. Originally from Winnipeg, she is no stranger to cold winters. She says, “it has to be pouring rain or frigidly cold” to keep her and her border collie, Snoop, from getting outside for a walk every day.  

KLT is so lucky to have a volunteer like Kelly who is not only willing to donate her time and talents every week, but to stick with us for 13 years. Throughout her time with us, Kelly has volunteered an estimated 1,500 hours with KLT! Kelly is a valuable member of our KLT team, and we are so grateful to be in such LUCK.  


If you are interested in volunteering for KLT, please visit our Volunteer page, or email B Lauer (b@keweenawlandtrust.org).