Jill in foreground Point of view in background

Jill Fisher

Program Manager and Botanist

Jill joined KLT in March of 2018. She has a B.S. in Botany and an M.S, in Forest Ecology both from Michigan State University. She has worked for MSU Extension, the Florida and Michigan Chapters of the Nature Conservancy, MTU's Ecosystem Science Center, Social Sciences, Biological Sciences and the Graduate School, as well as the Keweenaw Invasive Species Management Area before coming to KLT. She and her family moved the Keweenaw in 1998 gladly to be surrounded by so many natural areas. She can’t help but notice which plants are where, including the rare natives and those pesky invasive species. She loves to be outside and help others enjoy the many interesting aspects of nature and connections. She is the lead for KLT’s outreach and education as well as volunteer stewardship efforts. She loves to garden, hike, paddle, mt. bike, ski and camp with her family and friends.