Snowflake Bentley Story Trail at Lily Creek

Day: any day you can go from Jan 8th -30th
Time: any time you can manage
Location: KLT's Lily Creek Nature Area, Wild Wood Road off of Salo Road. This street is plowed in the winter, parking and trailhead off Wildwood Road.

Enjoy this biographical story of Wilson Bentley whose love and facination of snowflakes has given us beautiful photographic evidence that no two snowflakes are alike! This drive to photograph snow crystals eventually paved the way for his nickname "Snowflake Bentley". If you are a fan of woodcut art, Mary Azarian's beautiful work illustrates this book. At the clearing by Lily Creek, see if you can find 20 of the photographed snowflakes hanging there. On the way back you can clean some facts about snow in the pages we recovered from last year's story trail The Story of Snow