Salute to the Steve Farm Beavers Snowshoe

Day: Feb 6th
Time: 1pm-3pm
Location: Steve Farm, Upper Point Mills Road, Dollar Bay

Directions: Turn Right onto Main Street in Dollar Bay (by Quincy’s Restaurant) Turn Left onto Hellman Avenue, following signs for Point Mills. The road soon turns into Upper Point Mills Road. Follow this to the Left up the hill for another 1.6 miles then turn Right to stay on Upper Point Mills Road for about 0.4 miles. At the fork, keep Right. Look for a hanging road sign after 0.3 miles. Park on the shoulder and hike in to the south trailhead  located just beyond the sign. The north trail head is accessed by walking the road to the north of Lovell Creek, you can see an old road there. The road is plowed in winter but may be narrower.

Beavers are such cool animals and they have been so busy at KLT's Steve Farm. We will be putting up a children's story trail with 2 books,  one story about consequences, The Busy Beaver and an informational book on beavers called The Beaver's Busy Year . so you can have fun and learn something no matter your age! These books will be up Jan 16th - Feb 6th. Enjoy the story trail at any time but join us for a socially distanced snowshoe to examine the work of the beaver and understand better how these animals impact tiier surroundings more than your average species!

Call 482-0820 or email