One of the Copper Country's most scenic corridors, Covered Road offers beautiful woodland views to both residents and tourists year-round. The overhanging trees along the narrow road create a closed canopy that is beautiful in every season, especially so during the fall color season.

Planning your visit

The property itself is private and not open to the public. However, hikers, bicyclists, and visitors by car can enjoy the majestic woodland views along Covered Road in all seasons. Covered Road is located north of Houghton off of Coles Creek Road.

Why this place is special

Landowners Susan Dlutkowski and David Harmon chose to place a conservation easement on their 57 acres fronting the scenic drive to protect the road's viewshed and wetland habitats found on their land along Keranen Creek. The easement protects native biodiversity and the watershed, allowing natural processes to occur with minimal interference.

Maps & documents

The following documents provide additional details about this nature area.