Why this place is special

This conservation easement protects almost all of Chamberlain Lake. It is within the Ottawa National Forest and contributes to the conservation values found throughout the region. The lake is home to nesting loons and is ringed by boreal bogs that provide habitat for waterfowl. The forested slopes of mixed pine, spruce, and balsam provide water quality protection by preventing sedimentation. Coarse woody debris along the shoreline provides habitat for aquatic invertebrates, amphibians, and reptiles. Bald eagles, broad-wing hawks, osprey, herons, woodpeckers and other birds have been spotted around the property. The KLT worked with the landowners to establish the conservation easement. 

The easement ensures the lake will remain healthy and protects the natural habitats found here. The property itself is private and not open to the public. However, the lake is viewable from Forest Service Road 3500. Please be respectful of the landowner’s property and do not trespass.