This private conservation easement surrounds and protects the entirety of Anderson Lake, an inland lake of about 80 acres in Gogebic County. The property borders the Ottawa National Forest and is a contributing project to our Inland Waters Initiative. The lake supports a viable and diverse fishery within its cold, clear waters. With the conservation easement in place, the lake and its exemplary aquatic habitats will be forever protected from further development. 

In addition to the lake, the property contains a number of other high-quality habitats, including sphagnum bogs, mixed hardwood stands, riparian areas, and spruce tamarack swamps. These are home to a diversity of plant and animal species native to the upper Great Lakes basin. Anderson Lake is an important habitat for loons, an icon of the north woods and now a threatened species. Loons have long used Anderson Lake as a source of food and began nesting there in 2013. The birds are very sensitive to humans and generally will only nest successfully on undisturbed lakes where development is kept to a minimum.

Planning your visit

While the property remains private, the environmental benefits will be felt throughout the area. Please respect the landowners and do not trespass on their property.