We invite school groups, 4-H clubs, scout troops, summer camps, and the curious to learn about our environment in the hands-on, outdoor classrooms provided by our nature areas.  With a diversity of habitats and water features, nature areas provide opportunities for a wide variety of educational topics. Students of all ages have been shown to learn more effectively when immersed in the outdoors, and with so many nature areas close to our local schools we are happy to share these with the next generation of land conservationists. We frequently partner with the Lake Superior Stewardship Initiative to pursue exciting opportunities where students can learn through active participation in stewardship that also benefits our community and the natural world.


The KLT frequently hosts public outings at our nature areas to explore the unique beauty and natural resources found at our protected sites. We also occasionally hold fundraising events or just-for-fun get-togethers. Be on the lookout for new outings and events, which will be posted on our website, through email, or on our Facebook page!


As a local nonprofit and community partner, the Keweenaw Land Trust invites other organizations to utilize our public nature areas for research and interpretation. Researchers from our local universities, colleges, and school system all have implemented study sites at our nature areas, furthering our understanding of the natural world and building our knowledge base of the unique qualities found on our lands. 

If you are an educator or school group leader and would like to use our lands, contact us!

Ornithologist, Ellie Roark, standing by a recorder. Ellie spent 50 days at the Point of View property comparing her point counts with what she could detect from 4 of these recorders. Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages. Humans can hear bird calls from farther away but recorders can collect data from a smaller area but at more individual points in time allowing more data to be collected. Ellie is still working up her data and will share as they unfold.