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Our nature areas remain open to the public.

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News Date:  25 March 2020

Hello Friends! 

Governor Whitmer announced the “Stay Safe, Stay Home” executive order to help protect all from the COVID-19 pandemic. We have closed the KLT office for the foreseeable future to protect our staff and community—but our work protecting land and water continues with the staff and board members working from home to keep things moving. Please contact us via email, subscribe to our email updates, or visit our Facebook page to stay in touch with us. We will continue to work to provide creative ways to keep you engaged with KLT’s ongoing work through self-guided outings, virtual experiences, and more. Visit the Upcoming Events page to see this listing.

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This situation is challenging and stressful, however, much good can come out of it as we find growing appreciation of our health and the well being of our communities. Fortunately, the Center for Disease Control, Governor Whitmer, and our local Health Departments still want us to get outside for physical activity. We need exercise, fresh air, open spaces and scenery to calm us and give us energy.

This is a good reason to visit our Nature Areas—as always, they are available for the public to enjoy free of charge. 

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To be safe for any outing, follow the recommended 6 feet for social distancing.  Please respect others on the trails, step off to let other pass. Keep your dog under control. Give people space but let’s all be friendly and courteous about it. Remember, smiling and waving is part of a good exercise routine!

So get yourselves outside, move around, and have fun!  But don’t take any unnecessary risks. Why?  Because what would normally be a minor trip to the hospital for a few stitches might now be life-threatening if you have to expose yourself to COVID-19 or take medical resources away from someone fighting the infection. 

Let’s make the best of a difficult situation.  We are all in this together, we each have to do our part, and we will get through this. We protect lands for you, let’s protect each other!

The KLT Staff and Board