Bear Says Thanks Story Trail at Din Egen Woods

Day: any day that works for you
Time: daylight hours that work for you
Location: 46733 Lower Point Mills Road

Directions: after turning south on Lower Point Mills Road from Upper Point Mill's Road, drive 2.3 miles and look for parking pad on the right side, when you pull in you will see the Din Egen Sign and the cover page of the story trail.

Follow the pages of Karma Wilson's book Bear Says Thanks on your way to the Din Egen Woods cabin. The trail runs a quarter mile to the cabin and if you can pick a path across the creek, you can continue to follow the blue blazes all the way through the woods, across the poorly reclaimed stamp sands to the water landing - just follow the T posts. There are sizable yellow birch, poplar and hemlock and the forest floor has a sponginess to it here. The sound of the creek is soothing. We are not taking reservations for this cabin during Covid times but you will want to add this to your bucket list for the future!