4th Grade Artists help us Celebrate 50th Earth Day!

Day: any time
Time: any day April 21th - May 10th
Location: Paavola Wetlands
trail to the farmstead clearing

US 41 N or Hancock to No 9 Road ( across from the U Haul Self Storage). Drive around the potholes to the end of the Road, the Parking Lot is on the left - look for empty sign post (the sign fell off)

The 4th grade art classes at Houghton Elementary have created works of art to help us remember and celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day. Many important environmental protections and outcomes came out of that first Earth Day. The trails can be muddy, snowy and or wet so wear boots and please keep the social distancing to 6 feet ( step off the trails to let other pass) but please come admire the art and learn some Earth Day facts and outcomes in the process.

Thank you to Melissa Hronkin and your 4th Grade Art Classes!! Your art will brighten our day!