Toofer Beaver Books at Steve Farm!

Day: Any day you like through Feb, 20th
Time: Any time you can manage!
Location: Steve Farm, Upper Point Mills Road, Dollar Bay


Turn Right onto Main Street in Dollar Bay (by Quincy’s Restaurant) Turn Left onto Hellman Avenue, following signs for Point Mills The road soon turns into Upper Point Mills Road. Follow this to the Left up the hill for another 1.6 miles. Turn Right to stay on Upper Point Mills Road for about 0.4 miles  At the fork, keep Right. Look for a hanging road sign after 0.3 miles. Please park on the shoulder and hike in to the trailhead, located just beyond the sign. The road is plowed in winter but may be narrower. There is a marked trail on the N side of Lovell Creek, but these stories are on the S. side- starting at the Kiosk.

It's a toofer! Two books on beavers now up at KLT'S Steve Farm, one a funny story about a beaver that gets busy before he thinks thing through and a second factual book about beavers. Maybe you'll learn something new! There was a lot of beaver activity at this spot last fall, see the evidence before you!