A Taste of Botanical Art

Day: June 27
Time: 9:45 am to noon
Location: The pavilion at Boston Pond Nature Area off US41 N of Hancock


We are limiting this class to 10 interested people 16 years and older so we can be socially spaced.  as of Monday, 6/22 there is space for 2 more participants.

Please register at this link
We hope to have a second Botanical Illustration class in September, watch for it!!


Join certified botanical illustrator, Barb Flanagin, and KLT’s botanist, Jill Fisher, for a morning of learning how to see and draw plants. Botanical Illustration is more than just flower drawing, it is the meeting of art and science and can be a great reason to visit natural areas with friends, children or by yourself.

Getting to know plants well starts with practicing how to see the features of plants that identify species, what to key in on and then how to draw plants.   Jill will bring several plant cuttings and handouts to show you features that are important in identifying plants. Then through the process of drawing the plants, you really get to know them! As Barb says, you will never forget a plant you have drawn accurately and in detail. We hope to provide you with some exercises and techniques that with time and practice will help you improve your observational drawing skills and get more satisfaction from the end result of your drawing. 

Botanical Art requires concentration and can have the benefit of transporting one from the cares of the world into the beauty of the plant.

If you have the following materials, please bring them: A 9 X 12 sketchbook of medium or heavy weight paper, preferably with a spiral binding; good quality graphite pencils of several hardnesses, a kneaded eraser.  KLT will also have needed materials and sanitizing wipes.

Meet at the pavilion at KLT’s Boston Pond Natural Area on US 41 http://keweenawlandtrust.org/protected-lands/boston-pond-nature-area at 9:45 am and we will take a short hike to see what’s in bloom before the class begins and will finish around noon.  (Jill will have keys to the outhouse!)

A $5 donation would be appreciated!
email jill@keweenawlandtrust.org with any questions