Snowshoe hike at the Historic Point Mills Nature Area

Day: Postponed!! date to be announced
Time: 1pm
Location: Point Mills

Directions: from M26 in Dollar Bay, take Main street to Hellman, follow that to Point Mills Road and continue onto Upper Point Mills Road. In 1.6 miles look for a right turn to continue onto Upper Point Mills Road and then look for a second right to continue onto Upper Point Mills Road. Look for a left turn onto Point Mills Estate road and take it, park along the shoulder across from the gate where we will be meeting. 

Bring snowshoes, if the weather is cooperative, we can have a bonfire afterward with KLT's portable firepit. Please register so we can keep you up to date with weather or other related cancellations.

Join KLT board member, Alex Hirzel and KLT staff member, Jill Fisher on a snowshoe adventure exploring the stamp mill ruins and the natural systems making a comeback. This place is the perfect setting to highlight the topic of the next KLT Natural History Book group book: Islands of Abandonment. This book explores the rebounding of nature in places where human hands have heavily changed a site and then abandonded it. It is a story of hope and resilience. Look for the discussion online to be announced, but in the mean time, register to go on this local adventure close to home but distant in time!