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The Keweenaw Land Trust is working to leave a legacy on the natural landscape of our region. If you share our vision of protecting and enhancing the special natural places of the Keweenaw region, with thoughtful planning you can create your own family legacy or community success story by including land conservation or a charitable gift in support of our work as a part of your estate plans.

Land may be the most valuable asset you own, or perhaps one you value the most because of the strong attachments that special places can invoke. In some cases, the estate tax on a property can be so large as to make it difficult to pass that land on to heirs. Donating a conservation easement can help a family avoid a significant portion of the estate tax burden and help keep the family lands in the family where they belong. Donating a special property to establish a public nature preserve can be a wonderful way to honor your family. Reserved Life Estates can be used to donate property directly to the land trust upon your death, while allowing you full and exclusive use of your home or land while you are alive.

You do not have to own land with significant natural features or qualities to include a special gift to the Keweenaw Land Trust in your plan. Charitable gifts of appreciated stocks or other financial assets may be directed to a special fund or project or unrestricted gifts in support of our program at the discretion of our Directors. Assets that do not directly support our mission, such as a residential home, automobile, or city lot, can be gifted to the land trust to be sold to provide income to support our work.

The Keweenaw Land Trust can partner with you and your estate planner or financial planner to take care of the details that will ensure that your dreams and goals for all you have worked for in your life are directed as you wish after you are gone. Please consider taking the time to creatively plan for your legacy and for your own peace of mind.

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