Location:22557 Point Abbaye Road, L'Anse, MI 49946
Year Conserved:2017
Category:Public Nature Area


Hiking on trails
Water Trail access


Kayak/Canoe access


Dramatic rock ledges, low bluffs, and coastal wetlands are showcased on this unique property with 1,800’ of Lake Superior shoreline along Keweenaw Bay. Being able to observe the moods of Lake Superior, the flocks of migrating birds, the sounds and movement of wildlife, and the dark night sky are the wonders this property affords.

Planning your visit

This is a remote and rustic nature area that is located off of Point Abbaye Road north of L’Anse. Point Abbaye Road may be rough at times and often have muddy patches after spring snowmelt. A winter visit would require careful planning as the Point Abbaye Road is not plowed as far as this property but could be fun for adventure seekers. The property is open to the public year-round, but reservations are required for use of the cabin or any overnight use. If visiting please be respectful of any cabin users and the property by taking what you bring with you including any dog waste. You can drive to the cabin but all trails for non-motorized recreation only. There is one privy available onsite for public use with possibly the best view from a U.P. outhouse.

Why this place is special

The Point of View property, acquired in 2017, links over 5 miles of protected state and county land along the Lake Superior shoreline on the Abbaye Peninsula. The land offers wild and unmanaged forest, as well as an off-grid rustic cabin and boathouse that date back decades, and a newer privy and sauna. A unique rock formation juts out in front of the cabin forming a long rock wall, and a natural harbor provides for safe and easy access for canoes and kayaks in calm weather. This remote, rustic setting fosters meaningful connections with the natural world and offers shelter from the weather that often pounds this peninsula. A large outcropping of some of the oldest exposed rocks in North America serves as the front yard of the cabin.

Except for the cabin clearing, the property is forested with old growth character including stands of large hemlock. This area provides important migratory stopover habitat. Migratory birds that follow the Great Lakes shoreline favor stopover sites on prominent shoreline features (like Point Abbaye) that are forested to the edge or have structural and species diversity within the forest such as is found on this parcel. The Point of View property is an important addition to the Abbaye Peninsula and Huron Bay Conservation Initiative.

Make a reservation

Contact the KLT office to inquire about making a reservation.