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On the shores of Lake Superior in Michigan's Upper Peninsula and rich with history, local culture and natural beauty, the Keweenaw is a majestic and fantastic place to live or visit. The Keweenaw is wonderful and that's why you and many others love it here. But something this special is also vulnerable.

In the summer of 1994, around a kitchen table in Hancock, Michigan, a group of people with a vision and a love for the Copper Country came up with a plan. Worried about the increasing fragmentation of the natural landscape, loss of public access to water and wild places, and diminished habitat for native plants and animals, they decided to do something to help protect the character of the Keweenaw Peninsula. During the next two years, united by their connection with the land, they held regular meetings, conducted research, and had long conversations about land protection, preservation, and conservation practices. Their discussions centered on starting some sort of organization that could not only protect what they and so many others loved about the region, but also would provide a means to express their connection to a place they cherished.

The group wanted their conservation efforts to be acceptable to people who wished to retain ownership of their land. They also wanted to work with and involve others, and to educate people about land conservation. They learned that a local land trust would best accomplish their goals and, in early 1996, the Keweenaw Land Trust was incorporated as a nonprofit corporation in the State of Michigan.

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