Love Letter to the Keweenaw: Mare

Darling Keweenaw, 

I have never loved anything as much as I love you. My husband knows this truth. Lucky for us he does not feel snubbed or inferior. Lucky for us he understands. I fell in love with you nearly 20 years ago; I realized how head-over-heels I was about you when I moved away and tried to make my life in other comparably picturesque places. When I was away from you, you’d appear in my dreams. I may have been in a bed in Massachusetts or Ohio, but in my mind, I was exploring your trails at Churning Rapids. I could hear the trickling river water, witness the changing colors of the leaves. I longed for you and your unwavering beauty. I left an enviable profession for you, dear Keweenaw, because love wins. I have no regrets for the choices I’ve made for our true love, because I know you loves me back. I know because you show me in your sunrises and sunsets. In your shorelines and snowstorms. And because I Iove you so, I pledge to advocate and care for you in any way I can.


By Mare Grohowski


Mare Grohowski serves on the Board of Directors of the Keweenaw Land Trust. During her free time she enjoys running outdoors, especially at Churning Rapids and Maasto Hiihto nature preserves. 


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