When we agree to protect land, either by owning it or by holding a conservation easement, we commit to taking care of it for the long haul.

Our ability to act as stewards of the land is critical for true, lasting protection of the special places under our care.

We Care for Land

Stewardship is a big idea, but it can be summed up with what is sometimes called the Campsite Rule:

“Leave this world a little better than you found it.”

― Robert Baden-Powell

Ensuring that land is permanently conserved is an important part of our work but it’s just the beginning. Our stewardship program helps ensure that the land is cared for and that often means putting in a lot of hard work to improve conditions to benefit both people and nature. Just a few examples of our stewardship activities include:

  • Maintaining trails at many of our nature areas

  • Taking care of the buildings at some of our nature areas, and removing unneeded structures from others

  • Removing barriers to wildlife movement and improving habitat quality at the Huron Bay Field Station

  • Working with community partners to remove or control invasive plant species

Community Stewards

Each year, volunteer stewards provide tremendous help for our conservation and stewardship efforts. Stewards monitor easements and assist with the management of nature areas, ensuring that conservation values are protected. Stewards may be called on to control invasive species, conduct baseline studies and write reports, and develop management plans. Other stewardship roles include building trails, controlling erosion, and enhancing habitats for native plants and animals.

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