Easter Story Trail at Lily Creek

Day: any day from March 30th through April 13th
Time: anytime you want to hike and read!
Location: Lily Creek Nature Area

Directions: Take Lake Annie Road to Salo Road, turn to the west and look for Wildwood Road off to the right (north) just after you cross Lilly Creek. If you cross Wasa Road, you've gone too far. The trail head is maybe 70 feet or so from Salo Road, you can park along the right side of the road there. You will see a trailhead sign and the cover of the book!

Lily Creek is a magical little 40 acre slice that most likely has fairies living there. It is a perfect place for  Jan Brett books. Our office manager, Carolyn Meingast took a turn to put up her first story trail there yesterday! This Brett book is called The Easter Egg and in addition to her detailed macro and micro illustrations is a sweet story about being brave and helping others. This is a self-guided story trail you can enjoy whenever you want to go for a hike! The trail is 0.8 miles long and dips down into a floodplain forest and comes back up again. It may be muddy, good thing for rubber boots!