Banking Nature - the next in the Sustainability Film Series

Banking Nature (2014)

Date & Time: 7:00-8:30 pm, Thursday, February 20th   

                       Enjoy coffee, refreshments and facilitated discussion.

                       Cost:  FREE, donations welcome. Bring your own cup!

Location: G002, Michigan Tech Forestry Bldg.


A provocative documentary that looks at efforts to monetize the natural world—and turn endangered species and threatened habitats into instruments of profit. It's a worldview that sees capital and markets as the planet’s salvation—assigning $ value to ecosystem services like=pollination, wetland water purification and oxygen generation. (90 min.)

Discussion FacilitatorJames Northey, Chair, US Technical Advisory Group for the ISO Technical Committee on Sustainable Finance 

 The film was purchased for this showing with support from the Michigan Tech Forward Sustainability & Resilience Initiative.